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 FIFA 09 Resmi Güncellemeleri

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MesajKonu: FIFA 09 Resmi Güncellemeleri   Ptsi Tem. 12, 2010 8:09 pm

Electronic Arts, EA Sports tarafından PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2,
NDS ve PSP platformları için geliştirilen futbol oyunu FIFA 09'un ilk
yamasını yayımladı. Oyunun çoklu oyuncu kısmında bulunan bazı sorunları
gideren 2 MB'lık yamayı bu


PATCH 1 - Oyunda yapılan değişiklikler:

* Special characters can now be entered in the Account Creation and
Sign-in screens. Characters such as '-' or '_' will be accepted by the
widget at the top right of the main menu.
* A Save Replay option is now available if online games disconnect. No
matter what happens, if you decide to record an online game you will be
able to keep it whether the opponent quits the game or the connection
drops out.
* Adidas Live Season can now be used in Direct IP matches.
* An online disconnect when shooting with the mouse wheel (if you
configured shooting to the mouse wheel) has been fixed.
* Minor bug fixes:
- A minor update of some team names.
- When playing with mouse and keyboard controls, we fixed a player
indicator colour bug.
- Missing installer images during non-primary flow (entering the CD Key
window when accessed through Support directory) were fixed.


PATCH 2 - Oyunda yapılan değişiklikler:

* Match Difficulty:

We have looked into this issue reported by the FIFA community and found
the online difficulty level to be too low. We have increased the
difficulty of Ranked matches from Semi-Pro to World Class, which should
make for some more exciting online matches. For Unranked matches, users
continue to have the option of setting the difficulty level themselves.

* Loss when opponent quits:

We have also looked into this issue reported by the FIFA community and
discovered that users were receiving a loss when their opponent quit the
match if they did not accept the pop-up and return to the main menu
quickly enough. This was an issue with when match reports were being
sent by the game to the EA servers, and has been addressed in the patch –
once an opponent quits, both users will send a match report to the
server immediately.

* adidas Live Season – All Leagues bundle purchases:

Users who had originally purchased the adidas Live Season bundle
through the EA Store were not seeing the game reflect this purchase, and
could not download the form files for all the leagues. This has been
addressed in the patch, in EA Store and by our CS team. Now all users
who purchase any of the leagues should see this purchase reflected
properly in the game, and will be able to use adidas Live Season form
throughout the year.

* Update to Digital Rights Management (DRM) package:

In recognition of your feedback regarding DRM and SecuROM, we have
amended the FIFA 09 DRM package with Patch #2, such that a user can now
“de-authorize” a PC if they would like to un-install the game from it.
This is a system that is very similar to iTunes which allows for
de-authorizations of computers they no longer want to use.

For example, let’s say a gamer has installed FIFA 09 on his/her home PC
and work PC, using two out of five authorizations available. Then let’s
say he/she decides to buy a new PC for home, and would like to install
FIFA 09 on the new PC and no longer needs to play the game on the old
Now, With Patch #2, any gamer can un-install the game from his/her old
PC and de-authorize that PC, so he/she is again at two out of five

To de-authorize a PC:
Run the file deauthorize.bat located in the install directory (for
example, Crogram FilesEA
SportsFIFA 09).

The user can run deauthorize.bat at any time, even without uninstalling
their FIFA 09 PC version (thus decreasing by 1 the number of
authorizations). However, when they try to launch the game

again, DRM will run again and will authorize that PC again (thus
increasing by 1 the number of authorizations).

Central Europe (and UK) -
- [Linkleri görebilmek için üye olun veya giriş yapın.]
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FIFA 09 Resmi Güncellemeleri
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